On wedding vows and my first post!

While on our honeymoon, I decided I should start a blog. Not necessarily because I think I have such interesting things that I must share with all of the internet. Actually, not that at all, but because I need to practice writing. For those of you who know me in any sort of academic capacity, you are well aware that writing is often an excruciatingly slow process for me.

How do you get better at something you really dread doing, but must improve upon for various reasons? You practice of course! And thus, I now have blog.

My dear friend Nancy inspired me to start a blog. She has one herself, and I quite enjoy reading it. So I thought this might be a less painful way for me to write. See, I need to get better at writing because I will have to write papers for my research, as well as the dreaded and very long thesis at the end of my doctorate. Now, I know that this type of writing is not the same as the technical writing I must do for research, but it’s really the whole making my jumbled thoughts into coherent and cohesive sentences that I have trouble with. Therefore, any sort of writing that requires me to practice this ought to help. I like to think of it as cross training, like how to get better at biking, running helps too.

On to the second part of this post!

Nearly a month ago (wow, has it really been that long?), Tyler and I were married. We are both happy that so many of our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. Our beautiful ceremony was officiated by Reverend Winslow Thomas. He and his wife worked with us to make the ceremony just what we wanted; As a part of the ceremony, Tyler and I wrote our own vows. We had some requests to print the vows, so that those who couldn’t hear us can read them. Without further ado, here are our wedding vows:

Tyler: Morgan, I vow to always cook dinner with you

Morgan: Tyler, I promise to do the dishes and fold the laundry

Tyler: To put you to bed.

Morgan: To encourage you to get out of bed and do things!

Tyler: To put away my shoes

Morgan: To love you just the way you are

Tyler: To take out the trash

Morgan: To be your WallE

Tyler: To wash the tub.

Morgan: To be your confidant, companion, and friend

Tyler: To text you

Morgan: To never stop making silly noises with you.

Tyler: To accomplish my list

Morgan: To pet you as much as possible.

Tyler: To make quality time for you.

Morgan: To be there for you when times are hard

Tyler: To thank you for everything

Morgan: To give you my heart

Tyler: To love you

Morgan: To grow old with you

Tyler: I love you and don’t ever forget that.

Morgan: I won’t, not in a million years.

Tyler: Good , I’ll be counting.