California Trip Day Three

California Trip

Day Three: San Francisco Time

Written in Haiku

Breakfast was eating

A bag of mini bagels

Obtained from Target.


We, Tyler and I

Beheld graffiti murals,

How fascinating.

Some of the grafetti murals.
Some of the grafetti murals.

We walked four miles,

Hills so steep, sidewalks had stairs,

Our legs protested.


Tyler and I met

With Mom, Dad, and Noah for

A hamburger lunch.


We traveled to a

Labyrinth: the golden gate park,

Mom and dad squabbled.


Mom cried “paper map!”

Dad countered “use a smartphone.”

The kids walked away.


The California

Academy of Science

Was where we ventured.


Exhibits such as

An earthquake simulator,

Exotic stuffed birds,


Stingrays, starfish, and

Other aquatic creatures

Were explored inside.


Of all the fun things,

I liked the penguins the best,

They swim happily.

The penguins liked to bob on the water near the glass.
The penguins liked to bob on the water near the glass.

Until three o’clock,

I waited impatiently

To see them be fed.

More penguins!
More penguins!

On whole fish they dined.

In and out of the water

They clambered for food.


Next, we split in two,

Different paths out of the park,

Soon reunited.

Noah in Golden Gate Park.
Noah on our way of of Golden Gate Park.

Waiting for the bus,

I enjoyed the best chai tea.

No others compete.


I rode on the bus

For the first time on this trip.

My feet were thankful.


My whole family

Went out to eat barbeque,

a taste of the south.

Coleslaw on the top

Juicy meant in the middle

Delicious throughout.


The seven of us

Returned to our rooms, tired.

Goodnight all, goodnight.


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