California Trip Day Five

Tyler and I had a date day! After spending so much time with my family, it was nice to spend some alone time with Tyler and recharge a bit.

Tyler and I started our day with brunch at The Grove, which was no easy feat to find complicated by the fact that I had only vague directions from Brittany the night before and I had forgotten the name of the restaurant. However, Tyler prevailed and managed to find it despite my less than helpful information. I’m so glad we did because I had the best French toast ever! The pieces of bread were huge, ovular, and obviously made fresh. And the syrup they had was just delicious: sweet and savory. Besides Tony’s pizza from the day before, it was the best meal from the trip.

Then we headed to Fisherman’s Warf. Along the way we stopped and explored some of the numerous shops. We also visited the tiny aquarium there, which was really more of a viewing tunnel for the bay. Nice, but we were glad that the entrance fee was a part of our city pass.

One of the cool things about Fisherman’s Warf was the sea lions! We stopped and admired them for a long time. For the most part, they just laid around, but occasionally they would heave their great bodies into and out of the water.

2014-12-28 14.42.062014-12-28 14.41.512014-12-28 14.41.392014-12-28 16.40.232014-12-28 16.40.33

As part of our city passes, we also got to go on a ferry tour! It was suggested that we get in line early to get a good seat. Before we got in line, we stopped by an ice cream shop. I got matcha green tea ice cream in a chocolate dipped cone. It was delicious! And eating it while waiting was much better than just standing in line!

The ferry tour was one of Tyler’s favorite parts of the trip. He took so many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge! Since Tyler and I had gotten in line so early, we got fantastic seats! We were up on top of the ferry and next to the railing. We had wonderful views, but brrr, that wind was cold. The ferry took us around the bay and had a recording that told us about the history of San Francisco as we passed each section. The ferry took us just past the Golden Gate Bridge before turning around, passing Alcatraz, and docking again.

2014-12-28 15.49.562014-12-28 15.50.182014-12-28 15.50.222014-12-28 16.04.242014-12-28 16.09.452014-12-28 16.10.052014-12-28 16.32.572014-12-28 16.18.05

After our ferry tour, it was dinner time! Tyler and I found a quaint little Chinese shop and had delicious food. Tyler introduced me to soup dumplings. I don’t know what they are called, but they are delicious. It looks like an ordinary dumpling, but when you bite into it, there is soup in addition to a little ball of meat. Mmm, so tasty.

As usual, we ended our day back at the hotel to catch up with everyone and go to bed early. Exploring makes me tired!


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