Adventuring Outside the Conference

My trip to New Hampshire, as told by pictures

2015-07-12 16.25.03Sunday before the conference. Mike and I explored one of the hiking trials.

2015-07-13 14.06.35Waterville Valley certainly earns its name. There are countless creeks running through the valley. They look different than the ones back home, wider and with rounder rocks.

2015-07-13 14.07.13I got to go for a mountain bike ride while I was there. It was fun and totally different than my usual mountain bike rides. I rode the ski lift up and then got to cruise downhill the whole time. I was mostly on gravel roads. It was nice riding past beautiful scenery and just letting myself gently roll.

2015-07-15 15.06.11One afternoon I had time for a short hike. I found this little trail that packed several cool features into about 30 minutes worth of hiking. First was this log bridge right before a set of stone steps.

2015-07-15 15.07.30Slug!

2015-07-15 15.10.51Another set of stairs. This one was dug into the side of the hill and supported by logs. It was much longer than the stone set from earlier.

2015-07-15 15.19.42Super awesome creek crossing. The water here is so clear! The creek is much deeper here than it appears.

2015-07-15 15.25.01Selfie! Because solo hiking…

2015-07-16 14.19.00First beautiful view of the Welch Mountain and Dickey Mountain trail loop. I went hiking with Mike and a couple other people from the conference.

2015-07-16 14.45.06Hiking to this point was a struggle. The ascent was steep with several rock scrambles, more for me since I’m short. On top of that we were booking it. The loop was 4.5 miles and we only had an hour and a half to hike. This was the best view of the whole hike. You could see mountains for almost 360 degrees. After this, there was a good bit of running to make it back down the mountain in time for the bus, but we made it! I kept up with the boys and I wasn’t even the slowest one. My everything was sore the next day. I’m so happy that I pushed myself to do the whole hike rather than just part of the loop. By far, my favorite memory from this trip.


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