Raven Cliff Falls with my Best Friend


I filched this picture from Nancy’s blog. It is one of my new favorite pictures.

The day after Christmas, I went hiking with one of my dearest friends ever, Nancy and her family. If you recall, Nancy and I were supposed to spend Thanksgiving weekend together, but she got sick, so this trip was to make up for that. To be honest, even if we had just seen each other over Thanksgiving, we would have at least met up for tea over Christmas before Nancy went back to school. After family Christmas festivities died down, Nancy and I excitedly made plans to meet up the next morning so I could catch a ride to the trail with Nancy’s family. Continue reading “Raven Cliff Falls with my Best Friend”


The time I tried tree climbing

2015-10-17 16.22.45
Naomi Ruth, the great big southern red oak tree at Panola State Park. Look closely and you can see some of the orange and green ropes used for climbing. 

I love trees! Especially great big beautiful ones like the picture above. There is just something so  calming about them. I find peace when I am in the woods surrounded by trees and am struck with awe when I see a solidary oak tree in a field with its branches all stretched out.

I have always loved climbing them too. Growing up, I climbed the Bradford pear trees in my front yard, even when they were in full bloom with their small white flowers that smelled like dead fish. I remember getting sticky sap all over my hands from climbing a great big hemlock at my parents’ cabin in Blue Ridge. Even as I grew up, I still climbed trees when I found one suited for climbing. In college, I often climbed the magnolia trees on campus. But until recently, I had never climbed a tree as stunning as Naomi Ruth. The branches on such trees are usually too high or far apart to facilitate climbing. However, with the help of some ropes and clever knots, I climbed up into the branches of Naomi Ruth!

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Apple Houses, Hiking, and Reminiscing

Georgia had a very wet fall. I’m pretty sure it rained for three weeks straight! During that time, Tyler and I met up with some friends in north Georgia to get some apples and go for a short hike. In usual Morgan fashion, I didn’t take any pictures since I was with a group of people, so instead you get to enjoy my artistic depictions of the day’s events!

Sunrise as seen through our bedroom window.

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