Hot Chocolate 5k: A race recapitulation

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a girl named Morgan, who did a very silly thing. She signed up for the hot chcolate 5k, a race in January, at the recommendation of her labmates. “Run this 5k with us” they said. “It will be fun” they said. Only is wasn’t. Unless of course you count type II fun as actual fun, which Morgan generally doesn’t.

Her alarm roused her early, long before the sun was up. Morgan struggled out of her warm cocoon like blankets and scurried to the living room where she promptly turned on the heater. Huddled by the warm, Morgan donned many layers of clothing. First, were wool socks, then fleece lined leggings, flannel pants, a soft moisture wicking long sleeve shirt, followed by a jacket, another jacket, and finally a third jacket. Thusly equipped, on the way out the door, she snagged her race packet.

2016-01-24 13.35.56

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First hike of 2016

2016-01-03 15.29.52

Just a few days into the new year, I decided to go for a hike. Naturally, I brought Gauss along. We visited the nearby Arabia Mountain. I’ve been to the Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve before, with my dad. We started there and rode to Panola State Park, where I climbed a beautiful southern red oak a few months ago. However, this trip was the first time I’ve been hiking at Arabia Mountain!

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