Noah bought a jeep. Dad bought a jeep.


Off-roading I went with my brother
And also my dad and my mother
It took me a leap
To enter the jeep
That carried both me and my brother

Far away we drove up to Helen
Driving his jeep, Noah excelled in
Then we left behind
The yellow stripe lined
In favor of dirt roads of Helen.

Over rocks and ravines we clattered
Leaving me continously battered
Inside I bounced
The jeep, it trounced
“Good bye,” the stones left behind clattered

We explored the roads of tray mountain
Sharp corners and turns we did round’in
Through muddy pitts
And very large dips
We proceeded back down the mountain

The long day was coming to an end
The story’s almost over, my friend.
We went out to eat,
Then, I fell asleep
as my brother drove us home.  The end.


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