Coming soon: our annual(ish) trip to Tsali

I’m so excited! This summer my dad and I are going to camp and ride at Tsali. The past few years, it has become somewhat of a tradition for us to make the trip up to North Carolina to camp and bike for the weekend.

2016-03-20 15.36.25
My bike. My very old, hand-me-down bike that fits me oh so well. By the way, this picture is not at Tsali. I couldn’t find any of my old Tsali pictures (neither could my dad).

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Hammocking at Sawnee Mountain Preserve


Indian Seats
Rock formation that gave this trail the name “Indian Seats”

A few months ago, I was searching on atlantatrails for a new place to go hiking.  I came across the Indian Seats Trail at the Sawnee Mountain Preserve and wanted to check it out. Dogs are not allowed on the preserve, so I bookmarked the trail for when a human hiking companion was available.

Not too long after, Rachel and I were talking about hiking one day at work. I excitedly told her about all of the trails nearby that we could visit. When she mentioned wanting to hammock that weekend, I came up with a plan.  After an early lunch, we’d drive up to the preserve, hike to the summit, take in the pretty views, relax in our hammocks, read, and then hike back down the mountain when it was time to head home. And that’s precisely what we did.

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