Hiking at Vickery Creek

I’ve come to really appreciate the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Areas. Its a system of hiking trails along the Chattahoochee River.  Most of the parks are just 30 minutes away from Atlanta, which makes them ideal spots for getting outdoors when I only have a few hours instead of a full day.

About a month ago, I had the afternoon free, so Gauss and I headed to Vickery Creek, one of the aforementioned recreation areas. It was my first time visiting this particular park. Just like the other sections,  Vickery Creek has multiple intersection trails creating a web over the land, as opposed to any set route or loops. Thankfully, at each intersection is a map with the intersection number labeled on the post.

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Hiking at Jarrard Gap: Gauss’ favorite thing


Rustle rustle. Oh boy, Morgan is getting up!

Thump thump thump. I wag my tail. I’m so excited! Is she, is she going to my bowl? Yes!  Food! Nom nom nom nom, crunch crunch crunch. Aww, all my food is gone.

Hey, what’s Morgan up to? She went into the loft. Hmm, I should go check on her. Oh oh oh oh! She grabbed the pack of fun adventures! Oh boy, we’re going somewhere fun. I better follow her to make sure she doesn’t leave without me.

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