Sunday Adventure: Long Creek Falls

2016-07-17 11.46.39

Tyler and I went hiking at Long Creek Falls the Sunday before last, and I’m actually writing about it less than a month later. That’s unheard of! Tyler and I woke up early on Sunday, packed up some snacks, and hit the road. The early morning start was necessary to beat the heat and the crowds of afternoon visitors. The trail is only about 2 miles long, so summer afternoons can be busy, especially because the waterfall is a rewarding place to play and cool off.

For the first half of the trip, I drove while Tyler slept peacefully. I was a bit surprised when we turned onto a gravel road and the GPS told me we still had 45 minutes left of driving. I knew the trailhead was off of a forest service road, but just how long was it to the trailhead? It turns out, about 8 miles on a dirt/gravel road.

Since we were coming up from south of the Three Forks area, the GPS had us drive up Winding Stair Gap Road. Just as the name suggests, it is quite winding and climbs up a mountain. It was a mostly dirt road. At some point I’m sure gravel must have been laid down, but the gravel was pretty sparse compared to forest service roads. The Georgia red clay showed through clearly. To my surprise, the road was never as rutted out as I would expect despite it being quite steep in some areas. With Georgia red clay, steep sections of trails and roads often get washed out.

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My blog is two years old!

2015-12-26 11.43.29
Me and Nancy. My friend who’s name often pops up on the blog and is in part responsible for its existence. Nancy’s blog inspired me to start my own.

A little over two years ago, I started this wee little blog. At the time I stated that I wanted to practice writing because writing had always seemed difficult to me in school and in order to finish my doctorate, I need to write my thesis. A daunting task for sure. However, what I’ve learned is that, unlike in school, writing is not so hard when I actually have something to say.

My trouble in school was that I’d have to write on topics on which I had no thoughts. When said topic was mentioned, there were no thoughts in my brain, not even cobwebs for that would be something. No, there was only a vacuum, the absence of anything. Thus, it was very hard to write because I had quite literally nothing to say.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case. I write about my adventures here on my blog. Typically, I have plenty to say about those. In graduate school, writing is also vastly easier. When writing my recent research article, I was pleasantly surprised that academic writing was not so difficult. I actually had things to say because I did the experiments, I understand the technique I used, I can explain what the result mean. Writing is so much easier when I am not trying to force myself to make things up! That’s not to say that writing well is not a challenge. I think that writing well does take significant effort, but no longer do I stare at blank pages wondering what to write. And that is a wonderful thing.

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Tsali Trip 2016!

About two months ago, I wrote a blog post about our annual mountain biking trip to Tsali. If you haven’t read that yet, you should check it out (Coming soon: our annual(ish) trip to Tsali). About a month ago, we visited Tsali and had a blast. Now, I am finally writing a blog post about it!

2016-06-04 10.12.32
Dad and I at the overlook on Mouse. The trees have grown up, so it is not much of an overlook anymore.


Tyler and I woke up super early to drive to my parents’ house. It was early so that Dad and I could get a ride in at Tsali Friday afternoon, and Tyler drove so that he was not carless for the weekend.

By the time I got to my parents’ house, my dad had the car almost packed. I admit, I’m pretty spoiled when it comes to biking with my dad! I helped finish packing the cooler, and  then we were off! Well, first we had a short stop at the grocery store to pick up some extra food, then we were really on our way.

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