Roadtrip 2016 Day One: Onward to Washington D.C.


8:00 AM – Tyler and I pulled out of the parking lot of our apartment.

I was impressed. You see, Tyler and I are somewhat notorious for not leaving on time. On our own, we can usually get to where we are going just fine. But put us together? We are going to be atleast 15 minutes later than intended. This morning though, we did well. Our original plan was to be up at seven and leave shortly thereafter with the ultimate goal of leaving by eight at the absolute latest.

Well despite my best efforts to pack during the preceeding week, it still took us until midnight to finish loading up the car. Due to the late night, I pushed back my alarm til 7:30. Not a whole lot, but enough for me to take the first shift driving. Still, we managed to leave at eight. I count that as a win!

Everything fits in the Fit!

After a quick stop at Chick-fil-a, we were off on our way. Commence several boring hours of highway driving while Tyler took a nap. Five hours later, we pulled off the highway on a quiet exit to eat lunch at Olive Garden. Although stopping at an actual restaurant  extended our travel time, we decided it was worth it to feel good after eating rather than gross from fast food. Also, we got Andes Candies chocolate mints. Usually you only get one per person at Olive Garden, but this time our waitress gave us a bunch! Too bad they melted in the car and got squished. Ah well, they tasted just the same.

After lunch, we swapped. Now it was Tyler’s turn to drive while I napped. There was traffic on I-95, which is the main highway into Washington D.C. Instead, we took a round about way and came into D.C. through Alexandria. Unbeknownst to us, this route took us over the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge on US 301.

There was a bunch of traffic leading up to the bridge because the road drops down to two lanes, one in either direction. Then, the bridge itself is a bit scary to traverse. The whole bridge is very very narrow and rather long. The first bit is flat, but then there is a section that rises steeply to make a portion of the bridge tall enough for boats to pass underneath. The steep rise was rather unnerving. Oddly enough, I felt better when got to the portion with metal struts above and around us. Tyler, however, was not reassured and could not wait for us to get off the bridge. Thankfully, the other side of the bridge was much shorter, and we were quickly back on solid ground.

Not too much longer after the bridge, we arrived in D.C. Nancy had given me her address, which I put into google maps. I promise I put the zip code and directional coordinates, but still google maps had us circling about 3 -4 block away from her actual address. I am not a city person, so I grumbled to Tyler that D.C. had too many streets. Every ten feet you came to a new intersection and not just a normal 4-way intersection with two streets. Nope, there were all complicated with multiple streets and intersections that intersect intersections!

Ahem, anyways, Nancy got us sorted out and we finally found her home. It was a cute little row house with a tiny front yard and narrow steps. I like the coziness of the row houses in D.C. This was the second one I’ve visited with Nancy. After a late dinner, it was time for grocery shopping. We left Tyler behind, so Nancy and I could chat while we shopped. Nancy showed me where everything was in the store while I gathered food for the next few days.

About the time we returned, one of Nancy’s roommates came home with a couple of friends to eat ice cream. Her roommate had homemade mint ice cream to share. It was tasty, but not what I had expected. I thought of the isolated mint flavor that is usually in store bought ice creams. Instead, it had all the other herby flavors of freshly grown mint plants. I found out later she grew the mint herself in their wee back yard!

Nancy’s roommate also had the cutest guest book. Its basically a checklist of silly skills like “I can rake leaves into the biggest piles” or something equally as ridiculous. I checked off that I was good at giving bear hugs. It made me giggle because yes, I love to give bear hugs, but also because of my maiden name.

Before long, it was time for bed and a good thing too because Tyler and I were practically falling asleep. We pulled out our luxurious 3.5 inch self-inflating camping pads and made our own little pillow fort in Nancy’s living room under the air conditioning window unit. Nancy laughed at us, but we were cozy. After the last chorus of goodnight, Tyler and I snuggled into bed.

This is the first post of the series. Click here for a summary and list of all posts. 





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