Roadtrip 2016 Day Seven: Hen Wallow Falls

One of my favorite pictures from our hike to Hen Wallow Falls.

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Tyler and I woke up later than expected. We debated whether we should go hike immediately, so that it would be cooler and potentially less crowded, or if we should pack up camp first. Ultimately, we decided to pack up first, that way we wouldn’t feel rushed  while hiking.

It was bittersweet packing up camp for the last time. It was sad because that meant that our trip was coming to a close, but we were also excited about the prospect of not having to set up camp that night. We would instead  be staying with our friend Ashley in Nashville.

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Roadtrip 2016 Day Six: In which Morgan eats herself sick

Our pretty campsite at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Despite the feeling sticky from the humidity, I slept well at Tsali. We didn’t have to worry about rain, and it was fantastic! I cooked breakfast, while Tyler packed up camp. It was so much nicer packing up dry gear instead of wet. Although, Tyler learned that you should not shake dirt off tarps like you do water. While generally a bit of mist sprayed on you from the tarp is no bother, a shower of dust and dirt is less appealing!

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Roadtrip 2016 Day Five: Grayson Highlands Part 2


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The night before, Tyler and I fell asleep to rain. Thankfully, when we woke up, the rain had abated. Every now and then the wind blew, shaking water from the trees. For the first time  while camping, we actually make breakfast. Tyler made eggs in basket while I changed clothes and started packing up the tent. Mmm, it was so wonderful to eat warm food for breakfast. Especially since it was kind of chilly in the Virginia highlands.

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Roadtrip 2016 Day Four: Grayson Highlands State Park, aka WILD PONIES!

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Hands down, this was my favorite day of the trip by far, though it didn’t start off that way. At some point in the night it started raining. All of our towels and wet clothes we hung up before bed became even more soaked, although at the time I wasn’t thinking about that. I was wondering if our rainfly would hold.

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