Roadtrip 2016 Day Eight: Nashville, our last day

Ashley eating a sushi burrito at the Tomato Arts Festival.

This is the last blog post in the roadtrip series. If you missed any of the previous posts, no worries! Click here for a complete list. 

Ashley woke early, early to get ready for the 5k race, but I didn’t even notice. Ashley’s bed was wonderfully comfy. She even had blackout curtains, so I slept far later than any other day. I was just stirring when Tyler got a phone call from Ashley. She was finished with the race and was stopping at the bakery. Did we want anything?

Tyler and I asked for bagels. While we waited, Tyler jumped the railing of Ashley’s porch to get eggs, bacon, and milk from the cooler in our car. Tyler wouldn’t have been able to get back in the front door without Ashley, so over the railing he went.

When Ashley returned with our bagels, we made breakfast sandwiches. Mmm, so tasty. Tyler and I hung out watching the Olympics while Ashley showered and dressed. Then, we rode to Nashville’s Tomato Art Festival.

We drove round and round, looking for a place to park. Somehow we got lucky and parked very close to the festival. We wandered around looking at all the booths. There were booths selling pottery, soap, T-shirts, dog treats, popcorn, household decorations, and almost anything else you could think of. There was even a booth selling an eighth of a watermelon for a dollar. Yes, please! It was super hot outside, so the watermelon chunk was quite refreshing.

About that time, we met up with some of Ashley’s friends from Nashville. We walked with them for only a little while before parting ways. At this point, we had already walked around most of the festival and wanted to get some food, while Ashley’s friends had only just arrived at the festival and were interested in stopping at all the shops.

In our wanderings, Tyler spotted a pizza place that looked tasty. Tyler and I each ordered a huge slice of pizza: pepperoni for Tyler, caprese for me. The pizza was the super thin crust kind, where it is best to fold it up to keep everything from falling apart. Tyler and I scarfed our food down while we sought out Ashley.

Unfortunately, Ashley is allergic to tomatoes. Since the pizza place didn’t have any tomato-less pizza offerings today, Ashley couldn’t eat there. Instead she found a food truck that sells sushi burritos (see picture above). Tyler would be very sad if he developed an allergy to tomatoes. He loves red sauce, pizza, and salsa. His favorite soups are even tomato based! Funnily enough, he is not fond of raw tomatoes.

We walked around the festival a little longer after eating lunch and stopped back by the aerial silks performers. They had an outdoor rig for silks and other aerial acrobatics equipment. I marveled at how graceful the performers were. I knew how hard all the poses must be from when I tried aerial silks several months back. Even though they made it look effortless, I could tell how hard they were working; we were close enough to see the sweat beading on their skin. We also watched a girl perform a trapeze routine. Mostly, that looked more uncomfortable than anything as she often wound the rope around her legs to perform the various poses.

Eventually, we decided that we seen everything we wanted to see at the festival. As we walked back to the car, we met up with briefly with Ashley’s friends we ate dinner with the night before. We agreed to meet up at Ashley’s apartment  to hang out for a bit.

On our way back to Ashley’s apartment, she drove us past the Parthenon and downtown Nashville. I wish we had more time to explore Nashville. It would have been fun to walk around the Parthenon or take Moose (Ashley’s great dane) to the dog park. However, Tyler and I had no interest in seeing more of downtown.

We drove down Main Street. There were crowds of people milling around on the sidewalks, walking from bar to bar. We even saw a bar on wheels! It’s an odd contraption where the people sitting at the bar had to pedal like they were on a bike to make the vehicle move. Also, we saw several bachlorette parties, complete with matching bridesmaids outfits and bride-to-be in white. Did you know that Nashville is the second most popular bachelorette party destination after Las Vegas? I would have never guessed.

We returned to Ashley’s apartment and chatted with Ashley and her friends. We stayed only for a little bit before saying our goodbyes. It was time to make the four hour drive back to Atlanta. When we arrived back home, it was about nine o’clock at night. We were sad our trip was over, but it felt so good to be home.


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