Recently, Non-Outdoor Adventures

A picture of Goose! Because who doesn’t like pictures of puppy-dogs curled into a little ball sleeping?

Usually, I blog about my outdoor exploits, but adventure isn’t just for the outdoor realm. Sometimes an adventure is exploring a new part of town, trying a new restaurant, or visiting with family.

Work has really picked up for Tyler, which is great! However, it means that my use of the car is somewhat restricted. Instead of my usual outdoor activities, I’ve been adventuring in other ways.

One day when I didn’t have a car, my mom came down to visit. We went out to eat at a local restaurant that I have never been to: Highland Tap . There I ate a delicious salmon BLT. I got their mix of fries and onion rings as a side. While those were still good, I wish I had opted for a side of brussel sprouts. That’s what Mom got. Luckily, she is nice and shared them with me. After lunch, Mom and I went shopping for some new tops to go with my new tights. We found several shirts for me. Success!

Another day, I visited with my siblings and brother-in-law. We went out to eat at Grub Burger. I got their salmon burger. It was so tasty! I promise I don’t always eat salmon. I guess Tyler and I don’t cook it much so I tend to order it when I eat out. After lunch, I played with my six month old nephew. He is so cute! Then, while he took a nap, I helped Brittany peel and chop fruit and vegetables for baby food. It was nice visiting with them. I wish they didn’t live so far away.

With Tyler gone working odd hours, I’ve found more time to work on crafty hobbies in the evenings. Many months ago, I started working on a weighted blanket. What’s that you ask? Well, a weighted blanket is simply a blanket with an even distribution of weight, usually from small plastic pellets like the ones used in stuffed animals. When I first learned about weighted blankets on Pinterest, I thought “That sounds fantastic!” I love having the weight of several blankets on the bed. Weighted blankets provide deep tissue stimulation, similar to a massage or a hug. They are often used to calm autistic children and there are some studies that claim that they can help with restless leg syndrome.

Well, I decided that I was going to make one! I bought the fabric and slowly stocked up on the plastic beads, buying packages one or two at a time with a Michaels 40% off coupon. Eventually, I had all the materials and I started sewing.  Things went great until I got to the point where I had to sew up the little compartments with beads inside. What a pain! One, the weighted blanket was hard to maneuver. Two, I had to carefully scrape all the pellets out of the way of the sewing machine. Once, I missed a bead and it bent my needle! I learned how to change the needle on my sewing machine that night. It is a good thing my machine came with an extra needle.

Finally, I made one big push, sewing four or five rows in one night. And I finished it! I finished the darn thing. It is so very wonderful. When Tyler leaves to go to work in the morning, he puts the weighted blanket on me and I go right back to sleep. It was seriously a pain to make, but I’m glad I did.

The other day, Mom visited me again. This time we went out to eat at Little 5 Corner Tavern. Mom and I both got their Jive Turkey Burger, served with mozzarella cheese, avocado, and a tasty sriracha-ranch sauce. Mmmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it. After lunch, we stopped by Honey Bubble where I got bubble tea. Then, we drove to Emory so I could show Mom around the lab.

Lastly, I visited with Tyler’s extended family from Ohio. Tyler’s grandmother’s birthday is near the end of October. Every year her siblings and their significant others drive down for the weekend to visit. It was fun to see everyone and wish Grandma a happy birthday!



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