ABCs of Thanksgiving

Dad and I hiked Springer Mountain during Thanksgiving weekend.

A is for apples, quite possibly my favorite fruit

B is for biking, one of my favorite outdoor activities.

C is for chemistry, a passion of mine and my livelihood.

D is for Dad, who takes me on all sorts of biking adventures.

E is for electricity. I use it everyday.

F is for family. I love mine very much!

G is for Gauss, my goofball dog who loves to accompany me wherever he is allowed.

H is for hiking! A walk in the woods soothes my soul.

I is for the internet, without it my life would be so different.

J is for journal, which keeps my life organized.

K is for kindred spirits. It is nice to have someone to share the things you love.

L is for labmates. We support each other through thick and thin.

M is for Mom, who takes me out for lunch and shopping.

N is for Nancy, one of my very best friends and who introduced me to Thanksgiving ABCs.

O is for outside, my favorite playground.

P is for philanthropic people. Their generosity has made such a difference in my life.

Q is for questions, the basis of science. I am a very curious person.

R is for rock climbing. There is no better way to quickly tire me out!

S is for siblings, my older sister and younger brother.

T is for Tyler, my wonderful husband.

U is for ungulates, cows in particular. I am an avid consumer of dairy products.

V is for the Vaughns, my second family.

W is for waterfalls, such fantastic places to explore.

X is for xenon arc lamps, which I use for my research.

Y is for youngsters, like my baby nephew. He is such a cutie!

Z is for zucchini, quite possibly my favorite vegetable.


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