Florida Trip 2016: Manatee Springs State Park

Months ago Tyler and I went on a mini-road trip to Florida. I wrote about our Honda Fit camping conversion here and making dehydrated meals for our trip here. I am finally getting around to writing about the rest of our trip. I have quite a backlog of adventures to write, so without further ado, please enjoy this blog post haiku.

20161229_130321oh Manatee Springs
the impetus for our trip
quaint, quiet state park

nice man at front gate
few manatees seen this year
down by the boat dock

but first, we had lunch
accompanied by a friend
a squirrel named Chip

board walk mid cypress
manatee springs meets river
nice viewing platform

cloudy, windy day
waves ripple across water
are there manatees?


clear but dark water
no sign of the manatees
yay, water proof phones!


look! all the fishes
gorgeous underwater world
but no manatees


back down the boardwalk
to the aquamarine spring
with a deep blue core


oh look, there’s a snake!
of the non-hazardous sort
the ranger confirmed

steps reach the water
I am surprised; we can swim?!?
so cold, but I want…


intrepid, I went
the crystal clear water called
I could not resist


brilliantly blue-green
I wish I had brought goggles
to see underneath


swimming is such fun
I enticed Tyler to join
and take more pictures





we splashed and we played
til we were all tuckered out
swimming is hard work

eventually we left
choosing air over water
land mammals once more


dry clothes awaited
the safe haven of our car
it started to rain


5 thoughts on “Florida Trip 2016: Manatee Springs State Park

    1. Thanks! The water was so clear and pretty. I’ve never seen anything like it before since I grew up going to the Atlantic when we went to the beach. I’m glad you are enjoying the trip reports 🙂

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