Florida Trip 2016: Leon Sinks

Big Dismal Sink. This was one of my favorites. It is super deep and we could hear the trickling of water. Too bad we couldn’t get any closer. At least the viewing platform was open.

Leon Sinks was our last stop on our Florida mini-road trip. Tyler and I woke with the sun, but neither of us wanted to leave our cozy, warm sleeping bags. Eventually, my hunger overcame my desire to stay warm, so I left the Fit to make some breakfast. In addition to making our own dehydrated dinners, we brought along some Mountain House meals. I made a package of their freeze-dried eggs and bacon. The eggs themselves  were okay, but the bacon imparted a very artificial smokey flavor to the whole meal. I was not a fan.

After breakfast it was time to get dressed and pack up. To be honest, I did very little packing up. Sleeping in the Fit means that there is little packing up to do, and Tyler managed to do it all in the time that it took me to get dressed!

Soon enough we were on our way. Leon Sinks is near Tallahassee, Florida where we stopped for a quick bite to eat before continuing to the national forest.

Leon Sinks is a very well maintained area. There are paper maps that show to the well marked trail and names of all the sink holes. Tyler and I skipped the Gum Swamp Trail in favor of the Crossover and Sink Hole Trail, for total of 3 easy miles hiking.

The water in this sink hole was black as night due to tannins leeching out from decaying leaves and such. It also smelled terrible.

It’s pretty neat how there are so many sink holes is such a small area. The whole time we were in Florida, Tyler and I marveled at how flat the terrain was. To be honest, most of the dry sinks looked like regular old hills and valleys like where we’re from. The wet sinks were more interesting to look at. There were large ones, small ones, ones that disappeared into a cave, dark ones, and beautifully clear ones. The variety was impressive.

Ooh la la, so pretty.

After completing the loop, we loaded back into the car. It was time to go home.

Want to read more about our trip? We also visited Manatee Springs State Park (my favorite part of the trip!) and O’leno State Park.


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