My Birthday Trip to D.C.

In case you were wondering, my birthday is in March. I went to D.C. in March. This blog post is very late. Also, Nancy wrote about it on her blog and sadly, I lost all the photos from the trip (which she alludes to in her very sweet post) when my phone died. But, in an effort to catch up on all my adventuring, here is a blog post nonetheless! 


I went to D.C. for the cherry blossoms,
for my birthday,
and most importantly, to visit my best friend.

I arrived Friday evening.

Nancy and I ate tasty food,
shared stories,
and planned our adventures for the next day.

Saturday was full of adventuring!

First, we rode bikes to see the aforementioned cherry blossoms (very pretty),
to visit a museum with a large cobalt blue chicken statue (very large, very blue),
and to eat tasty ice cream at a cute corner shop.

We rode our bikes home the long way round, taking a route that Nancy had never been before. It was fun to go exploring together again like we did so many times at Berry.

That evening, in Alexandria, I admired all the old houses,
an exposed ice well,
and the pretty waterfront.

Nancy and I ate at the best creperie for dinner. Mmm, so delicous!

Back at home, we ate s’mores with Nancy’s neighbors,
watched Parks and Recreation snuggled up under a blanket,
and said our goodnights.

Sunday dawned grey and dreary.

We spend most of the day inside eating cornmeal waffles for breakfast,
drinking cup after cup of tea,
and chatting with old and new friends.

Later in the afternoon we ventured out into the world.

Nancy and I visited the new and extremely large REI,
Nancy’s church where I met many of her friends,
and a bookstore in an old house, crammed full of books.

Prior to driving me to the airport, we stopped at a pizza place for dinner.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye and so we did, hugging each other fiercely,
proclaiming our mutual admiration,
and promising to stay in touch.



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